Topic: MdbWysiwygComponent insert chip buttons from custom dropdown

sistemiUCSC priority asked 9 months ago

Expected behavior
I need to have a dropdown, populated with custom data on the toolbar of MdbWysiwygComponent.
Selecting a value from this dropdown i need a button should be insert on the actual position of the caret.
There is a way to add custom dropdown in toolbar?
There is a way to dinamically add buttons inside editor text?

Actual behavior

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Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 9 months ago

You can customize text or value in existing dropdowns/buttons or hide/disable specific toolbar sections, but it is not possible to add a completely new custom element.

You can use [value] input to dynamically add custom content that will be displayed as editor text. We explain how to do that in the plugin documentation:

harland free commented 8 months ago


In MDB5 Angular WYSIWYG, the below code for disabling a few toolbar buttons work, it's in the same link you posted:

disableToolbarOptions: MdbWysiwygToolbarOptions = { formatting: { hidden: true, }, align: { hidden: true, }, lists: { disabled: false, hidden: false, insertUnorderedList: { hidden: true }, indent: { disabled: true }, }, showCode: { disabled: true }, };

I need a full list of toolbar buttons that can be hidden or disabled, for example the imageURL is something that I would like to hide.

The API documentation is only for display text not for disabling/hiding toolbar buttons. Thanks would appreciate any help.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 8 months ago

To hide or disable imageURL you would need to use this configuration:

links: { image: { hidden: false }, }

We will update the API page to include all the toolbar options. For now, you can check available options by importing the MdbWysiwygToolbarOptions type.

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