Topic: Missing Examples in Angular Docs for MDB Bootstrap 4

dominic_ks premium asked 10 months ago

Expected behavior The docs to show examples of components...

Actual behavior The docs don't show example components...

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) As an example, you'll see there is the default select element but none of the material elements. -

I know MDB will be hoping people move across to the Bootstrap 5 version, but since there is no real migration option there, those of us not in a position to rebuild our entire applications will still be using version 4 and the docs have become near unusable since they don't show any example components any more. Please fix!

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 10 months ago

This is a documentation page for a second, additional version of mdb-select (mdb-select-2). This version appearance is slightly different than the one we use in the documentation app, so we deliberately did not add a live preview to the examples.

You can test this component in our demo app (at the bottom of this page):

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