Topic: Modal Closes on Mouse Up Event when mouse down was down in the modal

rnelson11 priority asked 2 years ago

Expected behavior The modal would only close when the background is clicked on a mouse down event. Actual behavior If you click a field inside of a modal and move your mouse to outside of the modal it picks up the mouse up event and clsoes the modal.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) This is happening in MDB5 Angular, MDB4 Angular. Your demo version for MDB4 has it when you click the Field to clear a value out but release the mouse outside of the modal. it does not close the modal.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

I checked that and in fact, this problem still occurs in the MDB4 modal, but we fixed this behavior in MDB5 in v1.5.1 and we could not reproduce the problem in the latest version.

If you use version 1.5.1 or higher of MDB5 Angular, please edit your post and provide a full HTML/TS code with reproduction steps so we can recreate this bug on our end.

rnelson11 priority commented 2 years ago

I currently have 2.0.0 and will review my side again and update.

rnelson11 priority commented 2 years ago

Is the mdb 4 still under any support or getting any updates?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

We still support and update the MDB4 version. In the near future, we should add a release with some bug fixes and support for Angular 14.

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Specification of the issue

  • ForumUser: Priority
  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB Angular
  • MDB Version: MDB5 2.0.0
  • Device: Windows
  • Browser: Chrome
  • OS: Windows
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: No