Topic: Multi-item carousel card decks not equal hight on small screen

AnnaK premium asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior The cards in the carousel are always the same height regardless if the carousel is in "single" or "multiple" display mode.

Actual behavior If the carousel is "collapsed" to single display mode, the cards are not of equal height if the text is longer in one and shorter in another card.


I'm using Multi-item carousel card decks. On big screens, where all carousel items are visible, the cards are of equal height as they should be. But on on smaller screens, the ones with less text are shrinking so that the card is not of equal height as the other ones. So when scrolling the cards they are "jumping" from taller to shorter.

Is there any way to get the cards to be of equal height also when the carousel is collapsed in 'single' display mode?

Thank you , Anna

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