ohj123 priority asked 6 years ago

Using your examples on website the angular component navbar is never expanded on any size window. I have tried <navbar SideClass="navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-dark indigo"> with navbar-expand-md,navbar-expand-sm and navbar-expand, all to no avail. I can debug and see its using your navbarComponent.ts and  going through your @HostListener code but its not doing anything.

Jaroslav Kaštura pro commented 6 years ago

I have the same problem :(

riccy pro commented 6 years ago

Me 2

riccy pro answered 6 years ago

it works now. I updated my .angular-cli.json as shown here: https://github.com/mdbootstrap/Angular-Bootstrap-with-Material-Design/commit/cc7aec046967778d6b1fe8b930634ef35ac3e990

Jaroslav Kaštura pro commented 6 years ago

Thank you, Navbar working :)

Oscar Bejarano pro commented 6 years ago

not work for me :(

Magdalena Obalska free commented 6 years ago

@Oscar Bejarano, have you updated your product? Are you sure that there are no typos or some differences in names? Everything seems to work fine for us, so let us know if you still have problems.

Oscar Bejarano pro commented 6 years ago

in my download panel only appears 4.2.0 then i cant update the product :(


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