Topic: No Data Table Available For MDB Angular Pro

nick.celestin pro asked 5 years ago

Hello MDB, I would like to confirm that the extended data table component (the one with more functionality than just table styling) is not available in MDB Angular Pro, and we must buy the Admin Dashboard Template set in order to get this component. If this is true, it's very strange. As the base jQuery version of MDB includes a table component with sorting, searching, etc. And the Admin Dashboard Template set has an almost 100% component overlap (excluding 'templates') with MDB Angular Pro, except for the Data Table component. This complicates our adoption of MDB Angular Pro by introducing more complexity, dependencies, and cost.  

Dawid Adach pro answered 5 years ago

Dear nick.celestin, In both cases - MDB Pro and MDB Admin Template you can copy the code of jQuery extended table and it will render correctly, however you will have to to create code filtering and sorting yourself as this doesn't come out of the box. In most cases it can be done with few lines of typescript however this may vary depending on implementation and project complexity. As you noticed MDB Admin Template is a dedicated template with predefined templates which is based on MDB PRO. It contains specific components dedicated to Admin Dashboards (like new Calendar, new card types etc.) and at the same time doesn't contain other components which aren't usually used in Admind Panels like lightbox, ecommerce carts etc.

nick.celestin pro commented 5 years ago

Gotcha. Thanks for the confirmation and workaround, Dawid!

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