Topic: npm install for Angular version

Akomolafe Oladeji pro asked 5 years ago

i keep getting  the error below when i tried the angular  example ERROR in ./~/css-loader?{"sourceMap":false,"importLoaders":1}!./~/postcss-loader!./~/sass-loader!./~/angular-bootstrap-md/scss/mdb.scss Module build failed: @import "bootstrap/functions"; ^ File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap/functions. Parent style sheet: stdin in D:\AngularApp\mdbang\node_modules\angular-bootstrap-md\scss\mdb.scss (line 32, column 1) @ ./~/angular-bootstrap-md/scss/mdb.scss 4:14-162 @ multi ./~/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome.scss ./~/angular-bootstrap-md/scss/bootstrap/bootstrap.scss ./~/angular-bootstrap-md/scss/mdb.scss ./src/styles.scss webpack: Failed to compile.   This is my environment @angular/cli: 1.0.0 node: 7.10.0 os: win32 x64 @angular/animations: 4.3.3 @angular/common: 4.3.3 @angular/compiler: 4.3.3 @angular/core: 4.3.3 @angular/forms: 4.3.3 @angular/http: 4.3.3 @angular/platform-browser: 4.3.3 @angular/platform-browser-dynamic: 4.3.3 @angular/router: 4.3.3 @angular/cli: 1.0.0 @angular/compiler-cli: 4.3.3 npm 5.3 node 7.10 Please assist ,

Rafał Rogulski free answered 5 years ago

Hi,   Sorry for this bug we fix it, and now you can install fix with this command:
npm install angular-bootstrap-md
or you can download fixed quickstart from Regards

Akomolafe Oladeji pro commented 5 years ago

Thanks for this , Your response time was good,I am new to this and want to settle down for a CSS framework for a start , so after this tutorial, I will go for the Pro version .

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