Topic: npm install ng-uikit-pro-standard

vitticeps free asked 5 years ago


Following up your detailed installation procedure at

Did not receive any error message, everything looked good. At the end I got this result:

ng serve

Date: 2019-07-07T16:14:47.740Z
Hash: b3db8e0652d8bc717ea5
Time: 10416ms
chunk {main} main.js, (main) 9.81 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {polyfills} polyfills.js, (polyfills) 248 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {runtime} runtime.js, (runtime) 6.08 kB [entry] [rendered]
chunk {scripts} scripts.js, (scripts) 385 kB [entry] [rendered]
chunk {styles} styles.js, (styles) 1.4 MB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {vendor} vendor.js, (vendor) 3.67 MB [initial] [rendered]

ERROR in ./node_modules/ng-uikit-pro-standard/assets/scss/mdb.scss (./node_modules/@angular-devkit/build-angular/src/angular-cli-files/plugins/raw-css-loader.js!./node_modules/postcss-loader/src??embedded!./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js??ref--13-3!./node_modules/ng-uikit-pro-standard/assets/scss/mdb.scss)
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js):

.picker__frame:not() {
      Expected selector.
54 │ .picker__frame:not(){
   │                    ^
  node_modules/ng-uikit-pro-standard/assets/scss/angular/pro/_data-picker.scss 54:20  @import
  node_modules/ng-uikit-pro-standard/assets/scss/angular/mdb-angular.scss 13:9        @import
  stdin 123:9                                                                         root stylesheet
      in /Users/username/project-folder/node_modules/ng-uikit-pro-standard/assets/scss/angular/pro/_data-picker.scss (line 54, column 20)
** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **
ℹ 「wdm」: Failed to compile.

I tried other way around as well to get your package working but somehow I always getting into error messages.

I have already received the zip file what contains the compiled version but I dont like that the package is outside of the node_modules folder.

I paid for your modules because I thought it will make my life easier and be able to work faster.. but I would lie if I said I am 100% happy.

What I expected is to be able to do something like that:

ng new new-project
cd new-project
npm install 3rd-party-stuff --save
npm install *access_token@ng-uikit-pro-standard
ng serve

and the result is an errorLess message: 'Compiled successfully'

Maybe I do something wrong, please help :)

Thanks for your help in advance Laszlo

vitticeps free commented 5 years ago

Just read Braulio Linares's question / answer / comments... I will try Angular 7 ... and I will come back here..

Hi Is there any updated version is available in ng-uikit-pro-standard and which need to support Angular 14 and above.

Thanks, Siva

vitticeps free answered 5 years ago

Following the below link -

I installed angluar/cli@7.03. With that everything is how I expected...

Thank You

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