Prefilling Text Inputs – Code Issue

Topic: Prefilling Text Inputs – Code Issue

Haywhite asked 5 years ago

Go to: and scroll down to
"Prefilling Text Inputs" When you remove the text "John Doe" which is 
prefilled in the input field the label "Example label" floats down to the
position where the text "John Doe" stood. Underneath the input field there is
the code which was used for this "Prefilled Input Field" but when I take this
code and add it to my own file the label "Example label" doesn't float down to
where "John Doe" stood! why? maybe the wrong source code is displayed on the 
website? Could somebody please help me here? :) <-Input field + Code displayed on the website. <-Code from the "" website +
the input field where I removed the prefilled text "John Doe", the label 
"Example label" didn't float down.

Of course, you're right! There is missing mdbActive directive from the prism. Please add it to your input field.
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