Topic: [Pro User] Angular Admin Dashboard not working on Firefox

Vitor Pavanelli free asked 6 years ago

Hello team, Please, take a look at your own site and check out the Admin dashboard for Angular. There a lot of issues starting on calendar that doesn't work, input layout, scrolling and some others. I'm starting to get very worried about the quality of your product. Please, don't make me regret purchasing it. Also, I want to know how I can update my dashboard admin with recent fixes. Sincerely, Vitor

Vitor Pavanelli free answered 6 years ago

Hi Dawid,

It looks great. Thank you very much for fixing it.   :)

One curiosity, why did you remove the e-mail alert icon from the top?

There was a really nice animation that used to show a counter at the header with messages the user received. Is it possible to put it back? I have plans to use it.

Also, could you please tell me why the header keeps moving when the scroll bar shows up? It is pushing the content which shouldn't be on the test below:

Please, keep clicking on "Clientes" and "Contato" alternating them and you will see the header moving. I would like to stop this behavior

Thank you,



Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear Vitor, this issue has been fixed some time back in 5.1.0 update. You should be able to download it from your account: Please let me know if you can download it. I have also updated demo page - thanks for pointing it out.

Vitor Pavanelli free answered 6 years ago

Hi Dawid, I'm using FF Quantum 58.0 (64-bit) on Windows 10. Please, go to this address: or this one Anywhere with a calendar Try clicking on "Selected Date", please. Thank you, Vitor    

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear Vitor, Could you please be more specific? I've just tested admin on a Firefox (macOS) and didn't face any issue with calendar nor input layouts. We will release updated version soon (probably this week), it will be available at your account page:

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