Topic: scrollspy callback

tattoodxb free asked 5 years ago

how to callback when scrollspy is triggered? as on bootstrap there is a callback however it doesn't work inside mdb.

i tried:
$(window).on('', function (event) {

but it doesn't work

Please don't tell me again that this is a know issue and you guys will look into this in the future

tattoodxb free commented 5 years ago

also tried
since i have included jquery in our angular app

$("#section1").on('', function () {

but still no luck

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear @tattoodxb 

We are not using the Bootstrap scrollspy. We have implemented our scrollspy in MDB Angular.

And unfortunately, it doesn't have a callback or @Output() event. We have to add this functionality.

PS: In the Angular project, it's a very bad idea to use jQuery. Only Angular should be able to modify DOM elements, so jQuery is not necessary to use in your project.

PS2: ScrollSpy is MDB jQuery Pro component, so It would be strange if jQuery scrollspy would work in MDB Angular project.

Best Regards,


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