Topic: Sidenav Questions

bbehling free asked 5 years ago

The sidenav doesn't appear to have a way to hide the sidenav when its open. The live demos on a small form factor have this behavior. Is there a setting to add a collapse button? Or should the layout be defined so that slide out panel is below the hamburger icon like gmail? I know you can click outside the menu to collapse it, but that doesn't seem very intuitive. The second question is, the hamburger menu icon doesn't have a hover/mouse over action. Is this by design, or does that action need to be added?

Damian Gemza staff commented 5 years ago

Dear bbehling, The sidenav component is a MDB Pro component, and according to our system, you use MDB Free version. Please, provide us a number of your order or registered email to confirm your access to MDB Pro components. Send it to me on email: Best Regards, Damian

bbehling free commented 5 years ago

I was looking at the sidenav in the live demos in mobile mode.

Damian Gemza staff commented 5 years ago

Dear bbehling, Are you submitting a feature request to add to our site the behavior which you're describing? Best Regards, Damian

bbehling free commented 5 years ago

No. Before I submit a feature request, I would like to know if the slide out panel behavior which I described above is intended, or do you recommend we design the layout so that the slide out/sidenav does not cover the hamburger icon? The second question, is the intended behavior of the hamburger icon supposed to NOT have a hover effect? If these are intended behaviors, then I would either make a feature request, or what you recommend as a work around. Your product, mdbootstrap looks very interesting, and I think my company will find this framework very useful. But before I recommend we buy or use it, I need to test out a few things. Those two items are the first to test out.

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear bbehling, As you can see on our site - the default and intended behavior of our side nav is to hide hamburger button on lesser screens (like phones). User have to click on screen overlay to hide sidenav. Of course there's possibility to add a hamburger button which will hide the opened sidenav. Yes, it's intended behavior for hamburger to not have a something like hover effect. Of course, again, there won't be a problem if you want to add some hover effect to hamburger in your application. If those behaviors are not satisfying you, you can post me a feature request in which you'll describe a ideal situation for you. Best Regards, Damian

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