Topic: Toast notification and flickr / blink free asked 4 years ago


The notification (toast) message popup is flickr / blink once before it is displayed in the Edge browser.

In Chrome the message popup is randomly flickr / blink after it is displayed (even with this fix)

For code example, please see the link above.

This seems to be the same problem

Best Regards,Peter

Damian Gemza staff answered 4 years ago


We have to take a look at this problem more deeper.

For now, I'm unable to provide you a workaround for this situation (this is not a critical bug).

We'll let you know when we'll resolve this problem both on Edge and Chrome.

Best Regards,


Good Morning Damian,

Our code is the same for displaying the toast message. We have upgraded MDB to the most recent version (but I think this is not the problem).

For Chrome I think we did not test this good enough because the problem happens after a while. The first messages mostly appears correct.

For Edge we have not tested enough until now.

The last link in my previous post shows another user which experience the same problem.

Best Regards,


Damian Gemza staff answered 4 years ago


From your previous ticket, I remember, that this problem was resolved by adding custom code on your side.

What's changed, that you have created a similar ticket one more time?

Best Regards,


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Specification of the issue

  • User: Free
  • Premium support: No
  • Technology: MDB Angular
  • MDB Version: 7.5.1
  • Device: PC
  • Browser: Chrome and Edge
  • OS: Windows
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: Yes