Topic: Unable to get value of the property 'badInput' in IE 9

chris.nash pro asked 5 years ago

Hi I’m having a problem with my website under IE 9, currently it works great in Chrome, Fire Fox and Edge but in IE 9 I get the following error TypeError: Unable to get value of the property 'badInput': object is null or undefined I traced this down to line 9837 in mdb.js 9830 // Add active when element has focus 9831 $(document).on('focus', input_selector, function () { 9832 $(this).siblings('label, i').addClass('active') 9833 }) 9834 9835 $(document).on('blur', input_selector, function () { 9836 var $inputElement = $(this) 9837 if ($inputElement.val().length === 0 && $inputElement[0].validity.badInput !== true && $inputElement.attr('placeholder') === undefined) { 9838 $inputElement.siblings('label, i').removeClass('active') 9839 } 9840 9841 if ($inputElement.val().length === 0 && $inputElement[0].validity.badInput !== true && $inputElement.attr('placeholder') !== undefined) { 9842 $inputElement.siblings('i').removeClass('active') 9843 } 9844 validate_field($inputElement) 9845 }) This results in MDB not working at all across my site, The website still functions but the material styling is not being applied and it looks a mess. You can look at the login page here Here is the list of other libraries I’m running in the client "angular": "^1.5.8", "angular-animate": "^1.5.8", "angular-sanitize": "^1.5.8", "angular-messages": "^1.5.8", "angular-ui-router": "^0.3.2", "angular-resource": "^1.5.8", "angular-busy": "^4.1.3", "eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker": "4.17.43", "bootstrap": "^3.3.7", "font-awesome": "^4.6.3", "angular-ui-select": "^0.19.6", "tether": "^1.2", "AngularJS-Toaster": "angularjs-toaster#^2.1.0", "chart.js": "^2.3.0", "angular-chart": "^0.5.0", "angular-credit-cards": "^3.1.6", "ngmap": "^1.17.8", "angular-video-bg": "^0.3.4" Kind Regards Christopher Nash

Piotr Bender free answered 5 years ago

Hello,In response to your issue, I wanted to let you know about just released MDBootstrap Angular kit, that may be a sufficient solution to this or any other issues you have had with Angular integration so far.The kit can be found at the following link: contains all the components you could find in MDB jQuery version.We encourage you to try it out and report any bugs or issues at with [Angular] prefix or create a thread on this forum.Have a great day!

Rafał Rogulski free answered 5 years ago

Can you send me source code on my mail (

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