Topic: Using NG-UI-PRO with Admin together

Mark Bell free asked 3 years ago

I bought the Angular Small Bundle so have the MDB Pro and Admin template. I'd like to have all of the features from both products, available in a single project.

I see an answer to this question has been posted previously but I don't understand it.

"You can import archive file from Pro version to Admin Template, run npm install and it should work"

How can I "import archive file"? Am I supposed to paste the MDB Pro archive into the Admin project and run npm install? And if so, there are no references to the newly added archive file in the package.json so does that file need any modification?

I'm unclear.

Regards, Mark

Damian Gemza staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Mark,

If you have bought the MDB Angular Small Bundle you have two possible ways of integrating those both products in one project.

The first one: In the Angular Admin Template install the ng-uikit-pro-standard (MDB Angular Pro) dependency from our GitLab server using below command:

npm install git+https://oauth2:<token> --save

The second one: Copy the ng-uikit-pro-standard-7.4.0.tgz (or some another version) file archive from the ng-uikit-pro-standard directory in your Small Bundle folder, and then paste it in the Admin Pro directory, and type the below command:

npm install ng-uikit-pro-standard-7.4.0.tgz --save

Please let me know if something isn't clear to you.

Best Regards,


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