Topic: What is the angular-bootstrap-md directory for?

Bldg25 pro asked 5 years ago

What is the point of the built directory "angular-bootstrap-md" that contains the type definitions, and JS files built from the "typescripts" directory? I removed it without consequence. Is it there for IDEs?

Rafał Rogulski free answered 5 years ago

Hi, "angular-bootstrap-md" folder contains build files typescript folder, it's something like npm package. Regards

Bldg25 pro commented 5 years ago

Thanks, but this doesn't explain why its there. I have removed it without issue from my project. This is one reason I ask.

Rafał Rogulski free commented 5 years ago

It's for a person which want to use angular-bootstrap-md without changing the code, files in this folder are compressed and minified, but by default, quick start project use typescripts version and any of this files from 'angular-bootstrap-md' are not connected to an angular app.


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