Topic: Confused about BrandFlow

Donald Boers free asked 5 years ago

Hello. I just signed up and I'm thinking about purchasing the PRO version but I am confused about the BrandFlow functionality. Right now I am following the Automation tutorial amd let me start by saying that eveything is very clear and straightforward but it seems to me, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that I am dependent on Brand Flow during the entire process. I mean all the code proccessed during the different stages is stored in Brand Flow, right and I don't have access to it or have any influence on it. How does this work in the production environment for example.

Thank you all in advance

Michal Szymanski staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Donald, forgive me a late answer, but our team doesn't work this weekend. About your confusion - it depends what do you mean. You can use MDB separately and you don't need BrandFlow for it. BrandFlow is an addition. This is a software created by our developers. All the data and code related to functionalities of BrandFlow are stored in our database, so you need BrandFlow if you want to use automation, analytics or push notifications. Nevertheless, as I wrote before, you don't need BrandFlow if you only want to use MDBootstrap. Let me know if I've answered your questions. If not - do not hesitate to ask again. Best Regards,

Donald Boers free commented 5 years ago

Dear Michael. No worries. Everybody needs some time off :) My confusion is not about using or not using BrandFlow, it's more about the code created in BrandFlow. Is there any way I can download the created code so I can modify it to my liking? Thank you in advance and best regards Donald Boers

Michal Szymanski staff commented 5 years ago

Dear Donald, could you give a specific example? I'm not sure if I understand it correctly. Nevertheless, you cannot download this code but you can easily modify it in BrandFlow. Is there anything you miss in BrandFlow? Best,

Donald Boers free answered 5 years ago

Nobody who can take my confusion away?

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