Topic: Can't find where to point custom domain

lucianotimo priority asked 1 year ago

I'm supposed to do this

  1. Set the correct DNS record depending on the type of domain you are using:

custom domain with SSL - set A record pointing to

custom subdomain with SSL - set CNAME pointing to

custom domain without SSL - set A record pointing to

But I can't find it on the domain site, it only allows nameservers

Primary Server Name *

Primary Server IP

Secondary Server Name *

Secondary Server IP

lucianotimo priority commented 1 year ago

What I need is the name servers for the domain provider.

Daisy Todd free answered 4 months ago

Pointing a custom domain like damastmesser involves directing it to a specific web server or hosting provider, essentially telling it where to find the associated website. To do this, you typically need to access your domain registrar's control panel (where you purchased the domain) and update the DNS (Domain Name System) settings. In the DNS settings, you'll configure the domain's DNS records to point to the IP address of your web server or hosting provider. This step ensures that when someone enters your custom domain in their web browser, the DNS system resolves it to the correct server where your website is hosted. It's important to follow the specific instructions provided by your hosting provider or domain registrar to correctly point your custom domain, as the process may vary depending on the services you're using.

deff clark free answered 7 months ago

Absolutely, consulting your domain registrar's documentation or reaching out to their support is a great step. They can provide you with tailored guidance because the process can indeed differ between providers.

If you could share more details about your domain registrar or hosting provider, it would be easier to offer more specific instructions. Whether you're using GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, or any other, each of them has their unique interface and procedures. Don't hesitate to provide further information, and we can delve into the specifics of your situation.

On a side note, if you happen to run a Minecraft blog or server, it's important to consider your web hosting provider's capabilities and your domain's relevance to your Minecraft community. Feel free to share more about your project, and we can discuss that as well! For more information follow us on Instagram.

Derouenson Banker99 free answered 8 months ago

Remember to consult your domain registrar's documentation or support resources for specific guidance, as the process can vary between providers. If you can provide more details about your blog registrar or hosting provider, I can offer more specific instructions.

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