Topic: How to edit DB from TableEditor?

Wladi79 priority asked 1 year ago

Good afternoon, I was able to display information through a database query through the TableEditor script. But I do not understand how to change the functionality of these buttons to Add / Delete / Edit rows in the database. I could not find information specifically for TableEditor in the documentation. Can someone explain and show with a real example or piece of code?

Arkadiusz Cacko staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @Wladi79,

here is the API documentation for TableEditor standard version There are some events that might be helpful for update database on specific action.

For example for adding row

tableEditorEl.addEventListener('add.mdb.tableEditor', function(e) {
   // Here you can send request to update your database if any row will be added 

Wladi79 priority commented 1 year ago

Could you write an example of adding and editing a row in database using this method? Because I don't really understand what you need to write here (

Gabby free answered 1 year ago

Good Day, Am new to publishing on MDBootstrap. I deployed my sample Nodejs backend with my mongodb string set to localhost. I would like to know how to change it to a mongodb atlas DB connection string.

Thank you Gabriel Oni

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