MMirabito priority asked 10 months ago

Dear support I have two issues

  1. When using MDB CLI with ZScaler the login will fail see screenshot below. Currently the solution is turn off ZScaler but this not really good for my work. What can I do to fix the issue?

    enter image description here

  2. With ZScalar turned off I issue :

mdb login

mdb init

Select MDB5 Advanced - Standard + Vite

I get fatal: Authentication failed for ''

enter image description here

Any help in resolving this issues are greatly appreciated.

thanks max

MMirabito priority commented 10 months ago

After mdb init on licenses package only (not free) I try to run npm install and the authentication will fail to access the repo.


Katarzyna Pietroń staff answered 10 months ago

Hello, did you generate and replace ACCESS_TOKEN in your package.json file as described in the instructions I attach below?

MMirabito priority commented 10 months ago

Hi Katarzyna,

I created an access token and it looks something like this *z6xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxjc** and you mentioned to "replace ACCESS_TOKEN in your package.json file".

I am not seeing an example where I can replace it in the package.json. is this possible because I would actually prefer this method?

But I was able to do this: npm install git+ --save

Thank you for your patience.


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  • Technology: MDB CLI / MDB GO
  • MDB Version: 3.4.0
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  • OS: Windows
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