Topic: Account registration is messy

MoodyCloud free asked 6 years ago

When I tried to register to get my free version, I hit enter before entering any password (but I entered a name), I got the error, when I retried, the name I used got taken, (even tho I had an error registrating) appears that your server saves names/emails eventho registration was unsuccessful. I retried with another email and I intentionally made an error by entering two different passwords and I was surprised I got a registration successful! I thought it might help you to know that, otherwise guys I'm a young man beginning my web development journey, and I'm willing to learn more from your tutorials but could you guys send me your pro version if you think the info I provided was useful I'd appreciate it I got no money in fact I'm learning this to get money lol! have a good one.

Dawid Adach pro answered 5 years ago

DANY , 4.4.0 is the latest version, not 4.4.4 :)

Yutaka priority answered 5 years ago

You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account page. in the account page Only version is available for download not 4.4.4

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

@MoodyCloud, thanks for letting us know. We will take care of it.


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Specification of the issue

  • User: Free
  • Premium support: No
  • Technology: General Bootstrap questions
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