info1 pro asked 7 years ago

Hi.. we are missing an autocomplete feature für input fields in the pro version. Any suggestions or is there a plan to implement ?

ManuelSanchez pro answered 5 years ago

The documentation is here :

@mdbootstrap.bob, you can find autocomplete module here

mdbootstrap.bob pro answered 6 years ago

ANy news on the .mdb_autocomplete() javascript module? Is it available in 4.3? If so, that would be an incentive to upgrade to it. Thanks

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

We try to cover the most common needs but MDB is growing very fast and soon can become too heavy. We cannot let it happen and that's why we cannot implement every feature every user requests. Each day we receive on our mailbox a few new ideas from user. We'll take a look at this question and try to provide a solution with next MDB release. Right now that's all I can offer you.

info1 pro answered 7 years ago

@michal: sure i can use any of the autocomplete plugins out there. i am aware of that. The main question was: will there be an autocomplete field in the future ? maybe you already looked into it and suggest to use tool x, y or z. @sam: fullack. that's the other part of the question. The reason for our purchase is fast deployment. By buying a full UI-Kit, you do not want to bother with stuff like that.

sam priority answered 7 years ago

Given the complexity of the styles involved in creating some of the form effects like the little labels moving out of the way when you select a text field, much of the existing autocomplete code out there, jquery or otherwise... can be quite a challenge for people to use. Having a few or even just one (perhaps Select2.js) might be very useful for some people.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Hello, MDB is based on jQuery, so you can google for jquery autocomplete plugin.

lawrence tang pro commented 4 years ago

i cant use jquery autocomplete plugin functionalities. i checked the code itself, it only have 1 option, "data"

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

Hi lawrence tang, yes, autocomplete has 1 option with 'data'. What exactly do you need? We can do more to improve our code so If you have some advice or ideas let me know. Best Piotr

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