Topic: Bootstrap 3.3.7 Version Support

admin_saasant pro asked 6 years ago

We have Bootstrap 3.3.7 version. Can you provide us MDB Pro which will compatible with  Bootstrap 3.3.7 version.

mdb3 free answered 3 years ago

The page is empty! Where can you look at the documentation at the moment? I knew that this would happen, but did not save it ...

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


We don't support MDB3 anymore, so there is no way to look at old documentation.

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mdb3 free commented 3 years ago

It's not so difficult, just for the fear of projects to leave it as a keepsake. There was literally one page there. Where can you watch it now?

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


I found an old link for our MDB3 docs, but I can't guarantee that it will work as expected. As I said above - we don't support MDB3 for now and highly recommend using our latest MDB5 package. Anyway - you can check our old documentation here: :)

Best regards

admin_saasant pro answered 6 years ago

Currently we are using BS3 with MDB4. We saw couple of issues. It is working fine with BS4 . Wanted to know that whether you have updated version of MDB3 which has all the components  as MDB4

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

We're not planning to add MDB4 components to MDB3

You can still purchase MDB3 Pro here: However, I do not recommend to use MDB3, because this project will be no longer expanded. Bootstrap has stopped working on BS3 as they're focused on Bootstrap 4. BS4 is currently in beta version and in my opinion, it's good enough to use it - we use B4 beta in our production site as you can see Moreover, MDB4 contain more awesome components that you won't find in MDB3. We're also creating extended documentation that contains more than 100 pages with examples of our components So is there a reason to use BS3 instead of BS4?

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