Extarys pro asked 5 years ago

Why is the animation of the label is so buggy?   When we click on an input, the label go at the top left corner ""smoothly"" but it feels buggy where's Angular's Material implementation feels very smooth.   See : https://material.angular.io/components/input/overview   Also, If someone knows angular, what would be the advantage of using MDB over Material Angular? (I'm currently learning Angular 4 and I'm curious of the benifit, I'm at the basics right now)   Thanks!

Adrian Sawicki free answered 5 years ago

Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. You might be right that our animation is too fast if we compare it to the angular material. Well both of them provide you ready to implement components. Advantage? Well, everything which MDB has and Material Angular doesn't is an advantage. To be honest it just depends on what are your needs. Btw why not use both? For example, you prefer angular material inputs, but you need MDB material select. Solution? Take both.

Extarys pro commented 5 years ago

Thanks aweomse I'll try it. Yes for the animation it looks like it skips frame, its not smooth.

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