Topic: Checkbox and Youtube icon are not working

jkf pro asked 6 years ago

Hi there, I've downloaded and installed the PRO version yesterday. It works good what I can see so far. But the Checkbox is not working, it is not clickable. I see the hand when I hover the checkbox but can't click it. And the youTube icon is a blue circle instead of the youTube icon. What is wrong? Thanks Joerg

jkf pro answered 6 years ago

It is solved: It was a LETTER: <input name="ausblenden[{ITEM.ID}]" type="checkbox" id="ausblenden"> <label for="Ausblenden"></label> right: <label for="ausblenden"></label>

jkf pro answered 6 years ago

Sure. It is in a table. I used the original index.html of the PRO version. All the rest is working so far. Just the Checkbox is not.
<td scope="row">{ITEM.ID}</td>
<td class="mittig">
<fieldset class="form-group">
<input name="ausblenden[{ITEM.ID}]" type="checkbox" id="ausblenden">
<label for="Ausblenden"></label>
<td class="mittig">
<a class="blue-text" href="#.php?id={ITEM.ID}"><i class="fa fa-clone"></i></a><a class="teal-text" href="#.php?id={ITEM.ID}"><i class="fa fa-pencil"></i></a><a href="#.php?id={ITEM.ID}" class="red-text"><i class="fa fa-remove"></i></a>

Can you show us your code?

jkf pro answered 6 years ago

YouTube icon is solved, the code was not correct. The Checkbox thinks is still not working.

jkf pro answered 6 years ago

I am using Firefox and Google Chrome on Mac. Here is the log from the console:
call succeeded!!          DevicePreviewUtils.js:35
success          DevicePreviewUtils.js:36
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'create' of undefined(…)          measureIt.js:120

marktopperdk pro answered 6 years ago

What browser are you using? Try open it in Chrome and open devtools, then copy the log from the console in here, that might help the developers to fiqure out what went wrong.

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