cpshart free asked 6 years ago

HiI have been struggling to find an example of a CRUD system written for mdbootstrap, MODAL, PHP, PDO using MySQL database. I have been able to find lots of examples of CRUD systems, when I try and integrate into my mdbootsrap, say double navigation framework there are many conflicts, so I am starting from scratch.

I have just done some research on this site and come across the many tables formats, sorting, pagination etc, which I will now use as my starting point, and then integrate my PDO connection to MYSQL database using PHP scripts, then hopefully I can add the modal code to provide the dialogues for edit, view and insert.



cpshart free answered 6 years ago

Hello Dawid Thanks for your reply, I have read the tutorial which is very helpful, exactly the type of information I need. Do you anticipate producing a similar tutorial on how to connect MDB with your login/registration form and/or a CRUD system in the near future ? Thanks again Colin  

Dawid Adach pro commented 6 years ago

Sure! We will be putting more and more focus on tutorials :) However, as for now, I cannot provide you any estimated day. Please follow us on social media to get the notification about new tutorials and updates.

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear cpshart, CRUD implementation differs and strongly depends on your technical solution. Since there are numerous possibilities on how would you like to connect there are no single guidelines.You can proceed with your business logic exactly the same way as you would do with HTML. MDB provides you with a frontend layer and doesn't  impact the way you react with backend layer. We are preparing some tutorials on how to connect MDB with backend like this guide:   https://mdbootstrap.com/components/bootstrap-contact-form/

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