Zbder free asked 6 years ago

Hm i do not understand the "Premium Support" if you do not get any support at all. Anyway so ill ask here. I just registered and bought the pro-version of mdbootstrap but i cannot log into GitLab. I sent an Email to contact@mdbootstrap.com but i do not get any response at all. So what do i have to do to get access to the product which i bought?RegardsDaniel Reinert

syondevelopment pro commented 6 years ago

Same issue here. Further, it is not possible to download the invoice.

Jonasson pro commented 6 years ago

I found this in the QA How can I get access to your GitLab Repositories? Our account creation system has been automated and you should be able to log in to https://git.mdbootstrap.com/ with the credentials used for your purchase. However, I get an nginx error

Mobtex pro commented 6 years ago

Same problem here

cavaon free answered 4 years ago

I have been asked to email contact@mdbootstrap.com for login details. However I still not receive any feedback after two days. We need to start using the theme asap, can someone please help?

Mateusz Leciejewski staff commented 4 years ago

@cavaon could you please confirm that you didn't receive an answer at your question you send us at contact?

I can see that my colleague Jacek reached you back with the solution.

We had a temporarily issues with our network. Our GitLab should work now. I apologize for inaccessibility of our services. Please contact me at b.malanowski@mdbootstrap.com if you have more questions or facing any issues

Mobtex pro answered 6 years ago

We buy Admin Template and Pro version. For this lack of support I am thinking of throwing away the MDB.

Zbder free answered 6 years ago

Still nothing after more than 2 days. How can there be more than 400.000 happy customers at such a shitty “Premium Support” ?

Mobtex pro commented 6 years ago

I don't understand !

Zbder free answered 6 years ago

Anyone in this forum is able to help ?

Zbder free answered 6 years ago

Looks like no support is offered here, so why does it cost 80 euro ?

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