Topic: Going in circles - need your help - how do I use this package to build a website?

Stanley Davenport pro asked 5 years ago

I have MDB Pro. I see the benefits of using Bootstrap and the MD package. I am using Brackets toopen the various index files and subsequent files. I have a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. Not much for JS yet. No Angular, Foundation. ( I am learning more about these through online training.) So how does someone at my stage put together a real website with 10 pages of various standard titles including posts/articles and images? I have tried to just walk away from using MDB and default back to WordPress. I don't want to use WordPress. Also I have spent considerable time evaluating other DB driven CMS packages as well as non-database CMS system. I have Bootstrap Studio, but it is just not ready yet. So could someone give me some pointers on how to start with the default index.html file and pull together the available components and so forth to build a site?  I think once I get through the first one I will be able to move forward with success. Thanks for any tidbits of help you may provide.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

Have you checked our Bootstrap Tutorial?

Stanley Davenport pro commented 5 years ago

I went through the basic tutorials and a couple of the other pages. That was when I first signed up and before I bought the Pro package. Now I see two video tutorials for building the first 3 pages/sites in the free section, but they are incomplete and stop short of finishing. I spoke with Piotr about getting the Pro tutorials up and running. That is what I really need at this time. I understand you are short handed and swamped at this time. But I think having a tutorial pool for using the Pro version would be of great help to all of us that have purchased and are not programmers or developers. So to answer your question, yes, initially I did go through the tutorials that were available early on. I just went through the new video tutorials recently posted. They are very helpful. I will try to understand better the approach to copying and pasting various code into the index.html file. Previously I ran into issues with getting an image into the NAV bar. I also learned from Marta that there is an issue with the video-video parameters and You Tube videos. These are things that someone of my novice experience will not know how to overcome even though I know what I want to accomplish. Thank you for helping. Stanley

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