Topic: How do I disable wow animations on mobile devices?

Kalubeticismo pro asked 5 years ago

Hello I have several animations made through the wow class, I would like to be able to remove them on mobile devices, how is it done?

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago


we haven't tested this yet. If I understand correctly, you want to have all working animations on the desktop but turn off them on mobile devices, yes?

Best, Marta

robertp free answered 5 years ago

BTW, how about using something along these lines and adding to the package:

.wow-disable {
        -o-transition-property: none !important;
        -moz-transition-property: none !important;
        -ms-transition-property: none !important;
        -webkit-transition-property: none !important;
        transition-property: none !important;
        -o-transform: none !important;
        -moz-transform: none !important;
        -ms-transform: none !important;
        -webkit-transform: none !important;
        transform: none !important;
        -webkit-animation: none !important;
        -moz-animation: none !important;
        -o-animation: none !important;
        -ms-animation: none !important;
        animation: none !important;

robertp free answered 5 years ago

Hi, are there any news regarding disabling animations on mobile devices?

Piotr Glejzer staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, we are very sorry but we don't have that option with our wow.js documentation. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Have a nice day. Best. Piotr

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