Topic: how do i push my finished frontend work to my backend team without having to submit all the codes from MDBpro?

neo pro asked 6 years ago

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

Could you please ask your question more precisely? I'm afraid I don't understand

neo pro commented 6 years ago

ok i apologize...i'm the front end developer for my team. I've built a front end webpage using mdbpro folder using one of the templates and in order for the templates to run perfectly, the whole css folder has to be in the same components folder as the index.html folder in order for all the components to work. I am using VScode running locally on my macbook pro. My question is... how do i send my finished code to my backend developer guys using github pro as an example without having to give up all the components within the CSS folder which includes mdb.css, mdb.min.css and tooltip.css etc.. . basically i just want them to be able to run the index.html folder without having to have all the codes within the CSS folder... is there a way to maybe just send the index.html code and just use a simple style.css so when they run it locally,  the whole thing works for them? i hope im being clear i apologize if i am not.

Extarys pro commented 6 years ago

Please don't forget to put your question in the body of the thread and make paragraphs as it makes your issue easier to read and understand ;)

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