Topic: SSL certificate

infortel premium asked 4 years ago

Is it possible your SSL Certificate of is not valid anymore? Our builds can't pull the package anymore. Thanks in advance.

ATLAS IoT Tech GmbH free commented 4 years ago

It's the same on our site.

dxpioneers free commented 4 years ago

Same here. Our build was kicked due to server certification issue.

Testshoot premium answered 2 years ago

I have this problem right now

Marek Winiarski staff commented 2 years ago

Hello, The most common reason is that you do not have the latest version of the software. Depending on what the deployment process looks like, this could be for different tools. If the problem occurs when you just want to pull the repository of our domain, update NodeJs and Git. If you are using any deployment tools, check the "Yarn" or docker-compose files and update them.

If you still have problems please email me: What operating system are you using and its version, What tools do you use for deployment (Node, Docker, Jenkins, etc), and what versions? If you are using any of the provider tools (AWS, Azure, etc) like AWS Amplify please let me know.

If you prefer to move discussions to a private channel, please reply to

Granata premium answered 2 years ago

we have this problem today.

urgent, is blocking all builds

Geo Statie pro commented 2 years ago

Any updates? We have the same problem.

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff commented 2 years ago

We are working on this problem at this very moment. Sorry for the inconvenience

Geo Statie pro commented 2 years ago

Can you tell us how much time will be until this will be fixed?

Marcin Luczak staff commented 2 years ago

Our technical team has looked at this and fixed the problem, but if you still get the message about the certificate, please follow the steps here -

mark-steven-au premium answered 3 years ago

Hi Grzegorz Just got this similar error today (18 June-2020) on gihub pull request. Is it your end or do I have to update something like token again? Thanks Mark error below

Error while executing:

npm ERR! /usr/local/bin/git ls-remote -h -t npm ERR! npm ERR! fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 4 years ago

Hi. The problem should no longer occur. Let me know if you still have problems

infortel premium commented 4 years ago

The problem is resolved but this kind of problems should not happen. We pay for this product and have to wait almost 24 hours for a response and the git link was down for almost 4 hours. This is not very professional.

rrosales free answered 4 years ago

me too!

npm ERR! fatal: unable to access 'https://oauth2:[myToken]': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none

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