Leo Merkel pro asked 7 years ago

Why are 2 folders for js-modules in the new package? There's one folder modules (optional) and another one modules(optional). Do they differ and which is the one to use? Here are the main differences: - autocomplete.js and mdb.js only in modules (optional) from Dec, 27th 2016 - dropdown.js different sizes - preloading.jsdifferent sizes - smooth-scroll.js different sizes - waves.js different sizes - The files in modules(optional) all are from Dec, 13th 2016, the files in modules (optional) are mainly from Dec, 5th 2016 but autocomplete.js is from Dec, 27th 2016, dropdown.js from Feb, 27th 2017, mdb.js from Jan, 25th 2017, preloading.js from Jan, 16th 2017, waves.js from Jan, 20th 2017 Regards, Leo

Leo Merkel pro answered 7 years ago

Thank you, Bartłomiej. Additional Tip: The folder should not be named modules (optional). This becomes difficult if you want to integrate the modules via require and need to provide a path through Gulp or Grunt. A better name would be modules-optional. I believe you had that in one or two versions before as well. Best regards from Germany, Leo

Leo, thank you for noticing. It's already fixed


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