Ozcan Arslan pro asked 6 years ago

I am trying to import MDB 4.3.0 PRO in to Laravel framework version 5.4 but getting error
TypeError: $(...).pickadate is not a function
but it is working when i directly add pickadate library from Amsul's web site.

@ozcanarslan, while Laravel is a server-side framework, MDB jQuery is just a client-side library. You can use MDB with Laravel without any troubles. You see that problem because you're using (probably) MDB Free. Datepicker is a component that is available only in MDB Pro. Personally, I have tried I think every version of MDB with Laravel 5.* and never had any problems

Ozcan Arslan pro commented 5 years ago

I solved problem by removing app.js file automatically created by Laravel. It is not compatible with MDB.js.


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