Topic: open for Heartbleed Vulnarability, poor change logs. We're out.

IMJE pro asked 7 years ago

Hi guys, I wrote to you a few days back that our Cisco Meraki blocks your website for serious web threat issues and we can only access it through a tor browser on a separate machine outside our network. This makes looking up any documentation very cumbersome, and frankly, makes us look stupid towards potentially using this for business projects where clients are using similar IDS and firewall solutions. "Hey, we can do this cool MaterialDesign for you" "Cool, where's the documentation?" "" "Oh, that doesn't look good! Serious warnings to browsing that site. We do something else." "...what.... sorry about that...." Also, it would be really nice and useful, if you were to not just push an update to MDB 4.3.0 PRO, but also TELL US that it BREAKS other things. YES, the CARDS are "fixed" (finally!), but it now breaks the VERTICAL TABS instead. We look like idiots to our clients. We're now switching to something mature (F6) with real customer support. Sadly, this was wasted money and time. The fact that your "multiple item carousel" is not responsive (you simply HIDE card 2 and 3 respectively, is also just poor programming. Checking your site with site24x7, it reveals several issues with your site, open for heartbleed vulnarability is one major issue. Possible DNS forwardning issues is another. This is the exact same attitude as we saw with Prestashop. Promising lots and delivering half-baked solutions with no proper documentation on WHAT breaks in the new version. Je suis désolé. Best of luck for the future.

Dawid Adach pro answered 7 years ago

Dear @IMJE, As I replied for your email few days back. Thank you for letting us know, however this issue lays within Cisco Access Point itself. We are continuously testing our website against any known vulnerability. I have tested it again few minutes back against heartbleed SSL issue using 3 different tools and all of them are showing that is safe. Unfortunately, we cannot do much about your network setup, however I have sent request to Cisco asking what could case this issue with their hardware. Regarding MDB 4.3.0 , you can find all information about changes in change log: We always ask our customers to carefully check it before updating MDB to the newest version as well as test it in test environment first. We are aware of issue with Multi item carousel and already working on it. It will be fixed soon. Kind regards, Dawid

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