Topic: MDB's _variables-b4.scss very different to Bootstrap's _variables.scss

Leo Merkel pro asked 7 years ago

Hi. Why are above files so different? Wouldn't it make more sense to have an exact copy of the _variables.scss plus the additions of _variables-b4.scss? Or do I get something wrong here? Due to the fact that we never change vendor files, I copy the needed variables in _my-variables.scss and import the files into main.scss:
@import 'my-b4-variables';
@import '../../../bower_components/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';
@import 'my-mdb-variables';
@import 'vendor/mdb';
That works fine. But because of the differences between _variables-b4.scss and _variables.scss I always have to look in two files if I want to change a B4-Variable. Example: In _variables-b4.scss there's a variable called $card-bg-color which is named $card-bg in Bootstrap's _variables.scss. That's kind of annoying and perhaps someone can clarify this. Hope my question is clear and tnx for support. Regards, Leo

This will be fixed with the new release. It's hard to say how long would it take

Leo Merkel pro answered 7 years ago

Do you have a time schedule for the fix, Bartłomiej? Meanwhile I've build a workaround but life would be much easier if the 2 files were identical. Thx.

Leo Merkel pro answered 7 years ago

Cool. Tnx for quick reply, Bartłomiej.

Hi, Leo! Thanks for noticing! This will be fixed

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