Topic: my carousel has problem with offsetWidth

SeungKwon Park free asked 6 years ago

bootstrap.min.js:11 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetWidth' of undefined this is my error message because of carousel i just copied basic example but this error is comes up what should i check here?

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

What version of MDB do you use? To check it open css/mdb.css and find a version number

ajching free commented 4 years ago

Hi I know this is an old question, but I'm having the same problem; mine is 4.5.6 free version

Ollie Vincent pro commented 4 years ago

Hi, Firstly, not all the carousels are for free members, some are only available for Pro. Can you confirm to me what version of the carousel you are using? Secondly, can you confirm what type of MDB you are using? JQuery, Angular, Vue or React. Thanks

ajching free commented 4 years ago

I'm using the carousel from the basic example on the Bootstrap Carousel page, should be jquery version

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

Hi ajching, May you show me your code html/css about that problem? I will try to help you because I don't have any problems with a basic example of the carousel and it's working well on my computer. Best, Piotr

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