Topic: Noob use MDB to create something like Trello, but with different organization?

emik free asked 4 years ago


I would like to create a goal and task management system for myself which would use draggable cards a bit like Trello but which would use horizontal lists instead of vertical ones and which allow some nesting of lists.

It looks you Sortable and Draggable plugins contain some of the feature I would need. Can you please advise what MDB setup you think I would need to create my own personal Trello-like system? Also, could you please tell me how complex this would be? Finally, do you recommend any Rent-a-Coder like services where I could get help with tricky parts?

Thank you, Erik

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Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @emik,

I think the Draggable plugin is a good choice. You can use Axis to specify the direction of the elements. It can be useful too to use Events: and Limit draggable movement:


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