unbrokentechnology pro asked 5 years ago

Do you have an example of an \"Offline / Online Generator\" that would be disallowed under your licenses?

Dawid Adach pro answered 5 years ago

Dear, Example of online generate is website like WIX which allows you to create multiple websites for different users. The same applies to offline generators (applications) and other apps allowing autogeneration of the code using MDB. Please provide your use case so we could elaborate on whether it's allowed by policy or not. Kind regards, Dawid

unbrokentechnology pro commented 5 years ago

So if I were to create a calculator or an interactive web app that generated information for the user based on input? Or if I created an app that generated excel files or jpegs or movies? (these are all generators) From the sounds of it you're saying online/offline website generator? Basically anything that automates your code being generated?

Dawid Adach pro commented 5 years ago

You are free to create a calculator, excels movies etc. What is forbidden to use MDB within generators which will create an end product containing MDB library in it. In other words, you can use MDB at your website/app which is generating something, however the output of this cannot contain MDB. I hope it's clear now.

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