Topic: Problem with font directory webpack, laravel mix

Lumene free asked 5 years ago

So I'm having problem with mdb.min.js, cause it uses folder [default root]/font/roboto/ and I want to change it to [default root]/fonts/roboto/ but it gives me an error I can't find the reference on the js file cause there are no explicit path in the js. If I try to put them in the fonts folder, the error I get is "net::ERR_ABORTED" and the reference on the 461 line in the js that is  e.pageYOffset !== n ? (b.State.scrollAnchor = e, b.State.scrollPropertyLeft = "pageXOffset", b.State.scrollPropertyTop = "pageYOffset") : (b.State.scrollAnchor = i.documentElement || i.body.parentNode || i.body, b.State.scrollPropertyLeft = "scrollLeft", b.State.scrollPropertyTop = "scrollTop");var y = function () {  " . What am I supposed to change to get it done? Thanks a lot

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 5 years ago

Hi there Lumene, Thanks for contributing to the forum! Let's make things clear - what you are trying to achieve is changing the directory name (from font to fonts) in your jQuery project? For the time being our main compilation method is Gulp-based, but perhaps it could serve you as a reference. If you are using Webpack for your entire file structure, it is safe to assume it is also there to handle the fonts. Your webpack.config.js should have a rule dedicated to fonts; no matter your loader of choice you should be able to specify the output file structure (and, therefore, pick a name that suits you). Please refer to this highly informative introduction and this practical example. With Best Regards, Kuba

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