Justin Hanks free asked 7 years ago

1. When using side-navs and buttons (specifically light grey buttons), the text becomes white by default. Is there a class built into MDB like “text-black” or something I can use to undo that? What’s the proper way to handle this situation without creating my own overrides? 2. If I put a blob of text into the side-nav and it has a link inside of it, the link inherits all the styles of the menu links (line-height, padding, new line, etc)... is there a class I can put on the link so it behaves like a regular inline link? 3. Is there a way to make the side-nav not slide out over everything, but rather slide out below the nav-bar? The last demo on this page is a good example… https://material.angularjs.org/latest/demo/sidenav … and even more, is there a way to make it not be an overlay (it’ll push the other content over). Maybe I could do this somehow with the toggable/accordion functionality, but I couldn’t figure it out.

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