bohrnsen pro asked 5 years ago

Hey, I'm using the Pro version together with another framework and used the SASS files provided in the zip file. I changed all path variables I could find but unfortunately the path '$pswp__assets-path: '' !default; // path to skin assets folder (preloader, PNG and SVG sprite)' is not used in 'pro/_light-box.scss' (line 287) for example. Can you please change that for the next release. Is it possible to create a GitHub repository for subscribers/paying users like 'font-awesome 5' did, easier to make suggestions that way?

Hi, Bohrnsen! Let me split your question into two parts: 1. Yes, we can fix our variables. We'll do it in the next release 2. We receive a lot of questions about it from our customers. That took us some time, but it's in progress already. Currently, we're working to open our private repos to customers that paid for the product. That would let our customers support MDB in the more advanced way and install MDB jQuery Pro via NPM. Currently, our new repositories are being tested by our team. We want to make sure it's stable before we release it to our customers

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