mail1 pro asked 5 years ago

Hi, We bought MDB Pro yesterday and have some trouble compiling the SCSS Code. Can someone take a look at this issue? Thank your very much.

I'm so glad you found a solution! ;)

mail1 pro answered 5 years ago

I finally solved the issue! The problem wasn't node-sass, mdb.scss or ember, the problem was OUR app.scss which imports mdb.scss ... there are color variables which seem to confuse something (I didn't get it completly). I did some minor changes and it works. Thank you!

mail1 pro answered 5 years ago

If I run node-sass directly to build the mdb.scss I also get the error, so it has nothing to do with ember, ember-cli or ember-cli-sass: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-sass/bin/node-sass mdb.scss produces:

  "status": 1,
  "file": "mdb/free/data/_colors.scss",
  "line": 314,
  "column": 8,
  "message": "("lighten-5": #fafafa, "lighten-4": #f5f5f5, "lighten-3": #eeeeee, "lighten-2": #e0e0e0, "lighten-1": #bdbdbd, "base": #9e9e9e, "darken-1": #757575, "darken-2": #616161, "darken-3": #424242, "darken-4": #212121) isn't a valid CSS value.",
  "formatted": "Error: ("lighten-5": #fafafa, "lighten-4": #f5f5f5, "lighten-3": #eeeeee, "lighten-2": #e0e0e0, "lighten-1": #bdbdbd, "base": #9e9e9e, "darken-1": #757575, "darken-2": #616161, "darken-3": #424242, "darken-4": #212121) isn't a valid CSS value.n        on line 314 of mdb/free/data/_colors.scssn>> $grey: (n   -------^n"

mail1 pro answered 5 years ago

Update: Found out that prepros is using node-sass to 4.0 and LibSass to 3.4. I've upgraded node-sass in my project to 4.0 and checked if it really will be used ... but the error still occurs. Are there any dependencies like bourbon, compass, ... ?

mail1 pro answered 5 years ago

Thank you very much for your answer! Do you use Prepros with libsass or ruby-sass? I've compiled MDB before with ruby-sass, which worked. Now we work with ember-cli-sass, which uses libsass and got those errors. I've tried prepros with node sass and it worked like a charm. I can't find out which node-sass version prepros is using. Any idea why prepros with node-sass works but ember-cli-sass with node-sass doesn't work?

Hi, I think we can resolve that issue together ;) We compile MDB every day and we don't have any problems. I recommend you to use prepros. If you try it, please tell us if it works or not. It will be very helpful to us and let us resolve your problem

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