Topic: Theme / Skin change on click (end user)

Marina Pinto free asked 5 years ago

Do you have a style switcher that can be added as a component? As in change the colours and keep it active until changed again by the user? I'd like them to 1. login to their own profile, 2. see a cog icon (theme configurator), 3. click on it, select blue, 4. then 3-5 hues appear 5. when they click on it the colour css gets inserted under main css So the headings, links, nav bar, side-bar, would change according to the colour and brightness (hue) selected. I see you have a Full Pallete which is perfect ( and I understand that there would be several .css files created based on this need but it would in effect only consist of the main classes that have "color" or "background-color" attributes like - h1-h5, side-nav, link hovers so they would be smaller than initialising a full-theme css with every click.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

Currently, we don't have switcher for our skins

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