UI Kit for Adobe XD?

north27 pro asked 3 years ago

Hello, Have a UI Kit for Adobe XD by any chance or could you point me in the right direction?

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 3 years ago

Currently, we don't provide any design files

cparrish pro answered 2 years ago

Really need this. ASAP.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

It's still unavailable

sreenathb@revature.com pro priority vip early access answered 2 years ago

I came to this question looking for the exact same thing. Material Design page by Google has an XD kit for download. MDBootstrap must have one too so we can design prototypes exactly as per what is already supported by the framework.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

It's already on our TODO list, but currently, I cannot provide you even an estimated time of delivery

Michal Kaczmarek pro commented 2 years ago

Guys, XD UI Kit is a must. It doesn't seem to be a very big task, but I would improve the usage of the MDBootstrap grately!!!

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

@Michal Kaczmarek, I agree that would be helpful, but it's still on our TODO list and this won't happen soon

nothingeni pro commented 8 months ago

Any update about this ? Still really needed!

landolsi pro answered a year ago

Is there any news about this issue? How much longer is that on your todo list?

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented a year ago

It's still in TODO list with a low priority. Currently, we're focused on making our products more stable. This means I cannot provide you any ETA

insta123 pro premium answered 10 months ago

Hello, as a new member here after purchasing, this is the first requirement I have. As I want to hand over the UI Kit to a designer and build based on the Design plans.

Do we have a UI Kit that I can hand over to my designer?


Michal Szymanski staff answered 9 months ago

Dear users,

unfortunately, MDB does not provide Adobe XD UI Kit. In our product, we focused entirely on the code, because the feedback we received from users indicated that this is the most important for them.

We are not planning to release Adobe XD versions in the near future.

However, we will collect feedback from our customers once again and if it turns out that there is a demand for it, we will take it into account in future plans.


WaveGods Co answered 8 months ago

because of lack of design files my entire studio will have to pass on using the pro version of MDB. it is actually a really simple task that is offered by all of the major platforms. google, windows, appple all offer XD files so developers arent spending hours playing around with designs

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