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aemery free asked 7 years ago

I'm having issues getting MDB to work properly in my application. I'm running 4.1.0 and the CSS is working properly, but I'm having trouble with the JavaScript side of the framework. I'm writing in Backbone Marionette and using doT.js for templating. Using version 4 components, the JS interactions do not appear to be working when the html is being parsed through doT. When the same html markup is placed directly in the index.html file, the interactions work properly. The interesting kicker lies in using version 3 components. When going to the old docs and using version 3 components, the JS interactions work, even when being run through templates. So my main question is this: Any idea why the JS for version 3 components works, but not for version 4? Also, any idea why the JS would work when the markup is made in the index.html file, but not when being compiled through Marionette and doT? Thanks

williamdaivd21 free answered 1 year ago


Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

I have answered you via email so I close the topic.

aemery free answered 7 years ago

I haven't had any errors in the console or the terminal. I'm using MDB PRO 4.1.0 files according to line 3 of the Readme. I've tried a handful of version 4 components, including the 'Rotating Card' and 'Form With Header,' which have resulted in proper styling, but not the correct interactions. The rotating card doesn't turn and none of the buttons have the animations they are supposed to have. In regards to the MDB 3 components, I went to the MDB 3 documentation and used the markup for the 'Card Reveal' component. Although there were some style issues, the JavaScript interactions worked properly with this component.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Any messages in the console/terminal? " Any idea why the JS for version 3 components works, but not for version 4? " - Do you mean, you are using MDB.4.1.0 files together with documentation for MDB 3 and everything is working fine? Are you sure you are using the correct files?

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