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.jodadev. pro asked 6 years ago


There seems to be a bug with the Bootstrap Select for Version 4.4.5. Select with its class "mdb-select" doesn't work even with Initialization. Here's the documentation page in which its example doesn't work either:

Can this please be fixed?




Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry to hear about all your frustration and grief; please note it was not clear from your original post you had such a huge project.

Now, to make things clear: the implied "urge" is just not there - helping people like you is our job and I, for one, do enjoy it. Sometimes it even brings in expressions of gratitude and a faint, soothing breeze of satisfaction with it. The drawbacks of the job lie mostly in common imaginations of how release process works, exemplified by situations, when, say, one is expected to fix something that has been already downloaded and implemented by someone somewhere out there, with no details, no code, no jsfiddle / codepen examples, no console logs, not even a screenshot of the issue. Please do provide those to make future debugging possible.

I have an idea of how to make material-select work without breaking everything else up with an update. Have you tried downloading the MDB v. 4.5 package anyway? There is a working material-select code at js/modules/material-select.js. Find its counterpart in your mdb.js (should start with

$.fn.material_select = function (callback) {

, around line 20237) and simply replace it with the one from the new release. Now you should have the old version with the new select! Please let me know whether it helped.

With Warm Regards,

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 6 years ago

Hi there Jonathan, It is not clear what went wrong in this legacy page - what is known is that changing something in an old version of MDB is out of reach. The 4.5 MDB update, in turn, brought many long-awaited fixes regarding important issues, including material select ones, and so the easiest way to deal with task at hand (and be able to try out the newest features) seems to lead through simply updating the package. With Best Regards, Kuba

.jodadev. pro commented 6 years ago

Hi Jakub, Updating the package to the newer version is NOT an option for me. I'm currently finishing a huge site which was made with the previous version. Tried updating it and A LOT of things changed. Spending double the time fixing the whole site is not a viable option and most definitely isn't "the easiest way to deal with the task at hand", in fact, it'll be the worst possible way. And in fact, when we pro users received the email of the update, it was clearly stated and recommended by you guys that if we were working on a site already we should keep doing so with the old version and not update it since there's a lot of changes to the code and the whole site would turn out a mess. So can this please be fixed? I understand the urge of not wanting to spend some extra time fixing the issue but I do think we paying customers deserve to have the tools that we paid for to be fixed and functional. Thanks.

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