Topic: Bug in CSS of 4.5.0 (jquery)

Sassy12 free asked 4 years ago

There seems to be a typo in the CSS file (pro and free version):

Failed to compile.


Module build failed: Syntax Error 

(7:1) Unclosed comment

  5 |  * Licensed under MIT (

  6 |  */:root{--blue:#007bff;--indigo:#6610f2;--purple:#6f42c1;--pink:#e83e8c;--red:#dc3545;--orange:#fd7e14;--yellow:#ffc107;--green:#28a745;--teal:#20c997;--cyan:#17a2b8;--white:#fff;[ is the rest of the css code...]

> 7 | /*

    | ^

  8 |

There's no problem when I go back to v4.4.4. And I can reproduce the problem with a simple node.js server (based on create-react-app) as well as in the asset pipeline of Rails 5.1.

Sassy12 free commented 4 years ago

The solution is obviously to remove the last line, which is an opening comment, of bootstrap.min.css.

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for noticing the bug, we will look at this and fix. Best, Marta

Sassy12 free commented 4 years ago

Fixed in 4.5.1.

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