Topic: Can you help me understand what I should watch out for adding MDB JQuery Pro to a Shopify theme which already supports Bootstrap 4.x? Is this recommended?

jsalmont free asked 4 years ago

I'd like to use MDB Pro JQuery with just about any Shopify theme. There are Themforest Shopify themes which already have Bootstrap 4.x integrated. Thoughts on how to best go about this? Will this process just be a headache?

Example of Shopify theme with Bootstrap 4.x

.: pl

Josh Cull free answered 3 years ago

Hey @jsalmont, did you find a solution for this? Trying to figure this out as well.

jsalmont free commented 3 years ago


Unfortunately not :/ It would be hella cool to use MDB with Shopify but finding and maintaining a solution off the beaten path can be time and effort intensive.

Currently, we don't provide integration with Shopify. You can still use MDB with Shopify, but you'll need to find a solution on your own

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