Topic: Carousel MDB Magazine Templates Pack 4.5.8 upgrade Version: MDB PRO 4.5.10

LAGIER priority asked 5 years ago

Carousel vertical image size problem in MDB-Magazine-Template-Pack> html> Homepage> V2, with style sheet "mdb-min.css"
"Mdb-min.css", version MDB Magazine Templates Pack 4.5.8 used for the Homepage V2 in the original pack Version: MDB Magazine Templates Pack 4.5.8, shows a normal picture,
By upgrading "mdb-min.css", version 4.5.8 to version 4.5.10, the image of the carousel is larger by 1/3 in vertical. Should you create a new class or make a change in "mdb.css"? I also have a problem displaying with the icons of the Gallery that do not display: Preview, Next, Close. Link page: Thanks for your help.

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, You're welcome. Best, Marta

LAGIER priority answered 5 years ago

Hello Marta, I reply a little late to your answer. My problem is partially solved, it is path to the file mdb.css. I do not send you the site file because it is very long, even in zip. Thanks for your help. Alain

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, I showed you where the problems are. This demi-carousel.css (It is your custom CSS?) destroy MDB styles, that's why you have broken carousel. And about the icons, I don't know where you have the proper catalog, so you can send me the ZIP file with your whole project on my email address and I can check because the website is not enough to allow me to fix your bugs. Best, Marta

LAGIER priority answered 5 years ago

Hello Marta, I think I did not speak well for the upgrade of MDB. To show you I copied the template from MDB-Magazine-Templates-Pack> html> v-2 On your site the page is: I did not change anything in the code except 1: the link between mdb-min version 4.5.10 which is in the folder> asset> css> mdb-min 2: the link of mdb-min 4.5.8 which is in a folder> css . Page mdb.min 4.5.8 > mdb-min 4.5.8 You will notice the difference of carousel size at the top of the page which is bigger with mdb.min 4.5.10. Page > mdb.min 4.5.10 You can also watch from the page, I put the 2 links in the breadcrumbs. For the icons there is a catalog do, but in the transfer on the server it was forgotten or refused ...? Now the folder do (Roboto) is in pace, but there are still no icons. The icons are placed in:> img> carousel > galery > lightbox > svg> arrow_left > arrow_right If you can tell me more about these issues, I would appreciate it. Thank you and good day.

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, the problem with a small carousel is caused by your code, not MDB one. Please, look at the screenshot: And you don,t have icons because you don't have "font" catalog from our package. Please, look at the screenshot: So, please, fix these issues in your project first. Best, Marta

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Specification of the issue

  • User: Priority
  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB jQuery
  • MDB Version: 4.5.8
  • Device: MDB PRO 4.5.10
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox Quantum
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Provided sample code: Yes
  • Provided link: No