Topic: Change disabled dates in a picker

Ramirez Ramos priority asked 5 years ago

Hi,Is there any way to change disabled dates in a picker once pickadate has already created? Or is there any way to destroy and create it again?Thank you.

Mirosław Stasiak free answered 5 years ago


Yes, you can do it. Check this example:

picker.set('disable', [

// Using a collection of arrays formatted as [YEAR,MONTH,DATE]
  [2016,9,3], [2016,9,9], [2016,9,20],

// Using JavaScript Date objects
  new Date(2015,9,13), new Date(2015,9,24)

// Using integers as the days of the week (1 to 7)
  1, 4, 7,

// Using a range object with a “from” and “to” property
  { from: [2016,2,14], to: [2016,2,27] }

picker.set('enable', [
  new Date(2015,9,20),
  { from: [2016,2,24], to: [2016,2,27] }


Ramirez Ramos priority commented 5 years ago

I have something like that: $('#myPicker').pickadate({ "disable":[1,2,3] }); But I don't know how to use it. I have tried following examples but don't work $('#myPicker').set(...) $('#myPicker').picker.set(...) $('#myPicker').pickerDate.set(...) $('#myPicker').pickerDate().set(...) Thank you

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